Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Customer Service with a Smile ????

Lately while shopping I have found more and more rudeness at the check out counters
and customer service kiosks.
It makes me wonder if the customer service that I grew up with is no more.
The people we have to deal with are taking the attitude that they are doing us a favor by being in business.
I therefore decided it was time to write this blog and give my ideas on what
customer service means to me and my business at Barb's Bargains.

We strive to give 100% to our customers by offering the good bargains but more
importantly Service with a Smile. Without the Customer we don't have a business.
Being a small business repeat customers and word of mouth advertising is what keeps
us in business.

Customer service is king. Always.

“The Customer Is always Right.” When a customer comes to us about a complaint,
we are very serious about how we handle it. Irate customers are unhappy customers. Listen to
them, we try to respond to them with sympathy, and and then do our best to fix the
situation. Even if it is obvious that he’s wrong,we sometimes just take the loss and
compensate the customer.Sometimes that is better for business and the customer
goes away happy that you have done what you can to fix the problem. He will then
tell his friend that you stand by your products and do whatever it takes to fix
a problem.
When your customer is satisfied that his complaint has been properly
addressed, thank him for bringing the problem to your attention. We also have
small percentage off coupons that we will then send to the customer for his
next purchase with an email thanking him for bring the problem (whatever it was
to our attention), letting him know that he is an important customer to us and that
we do want his patronage.

Even more damaging to a small business
is the “silent complainer.” These silent complainers have friends. And their friends
have friends. and you never see him again. These are the hardest customers to do
something about. They are the reason that follow up on orders are so important.

* Be Visible – make sure your customers know who you are.
* Go the Extra Mile – Keep track of your customers. Thank you cards or emails are
a great way to let them know that you appreciate their business. Follow up,Follow up,
Follow up.

If a customer makes a special request, do your very best to deliver.

Customer service is one area where small companies can outshine their competitors
and cultivate intense loyalty among regular customers. But exceptional customer
service goes beyond mere politeness into relationship building.
Why is customer relations so important, particularly for small companies?
Service is a real soul of a business, no matter the size of the organization.
Small companies particularly need make themselves stand out because
they don't have the advertising and exposure that larger firms do.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Barbs Bargains My Ecrater Store

Barb's Bargains started out as a way to sell the items that were taking up my spare bedroom, which I have been using for all of those items that were never unpacked when we moved back to Arizona, items collected over 45 years of marriage and the raising of 7 children, Gifts that were never opened and just the items collected from having lived on this earth for over 60 years. Believe me the room is full, wall to wall. There are 22 boxes labeled books, alone.

When I started this project, I knew nothing about selling on line, seo, htrm or any of it. I opened the doors of my store, with a few of the books that I had. I have been lately redoing the look of the store and slowly adding more items and more categories. I found Ecrater Stores, a way to socialize with other ecrater store owners, and advertise my store. It was one of the best things I have done. The people there are so helpful and friendly. I learn so much from them.

My store has become an on going project, that I work at daily. It has definitely become a labor of love....To Be Continued

Friday, May 14, 2010

Summer Coming and with it hot weather

Summer is coming and with it hot weather. There will be a lot more time spent inside under the AC or relaxing on the beach or camping.  I personally hate camping, I never could get used to the dirt, sleeping on the ground, or having to do work I did every day anyway in less than ideal surroundings. My boys and my husband on the other hand were much into the getting back to nature, so we compromised.  When we got to the camp spot, the first thing off the truck was my lawn chair and my book, I was on vacation. So if you are lucky enough to be able to relax in the shade under a tree be sure you have a good book on hand.

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